The small but EPIC hackathon. Come out and build something awesome with friends and make new connections friends and learn something new! Beginners to pros are welcome at nwHacks Micro.

nwHacks Micro is the first big student hacker event of the year in UBC. We're putting together an 10 hour event for everyone to get a taste of what the full nwHacks experience will be like. Come out, make friends, and hack together something extraordinary. 


Teams of 2-4 can participate and can be formed either at or before the event. Each team will have 5minutes to pitch their app to the crowd and to a panel of judges who will score the hacks based on creativity, UX, innovation, ecofriendliness and societal impact. 

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To be eligible you must have paid the ticket price by noon and have applied to nwHacks Micro online, or in person before September 25 at 11:55PM.


You must submit any and all hacks by 8:00PM. All code must be written from scratch. External libraries can be used but projects can not consist of reused code from old or recent projects. Failure to do so will result in disaqualification.


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David Baldwynn

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David Ju

Judging Criteria

  • Design
  • Ease of use/UX
  • Practicality
  • Technical Difficulty
  • Innovation
    How new is this? Has this been done before or is it just a clone of an app that already exists.
  • Ecofriendliness